Wine List

We travelled to Lebanon’s most renowned vineyards to compile a list that honours the country’s impressive viticultural history. An integral part of the story of the Maison Libanaise story, our wine programme pays homage to the vibrant culture and traditions of 1960’s Beirut and goes hand in hand with the restaurant’s richly-hued decor and boldly spiced dishes.


Few places in the world have a longer history of winemaking than Lebanon.  The only Middle Eastern country without a desert, Lebanon’s diverse landscape with coastal areas, mountains and valleys has allowed for the cultivation of a vast variety of grapes for over 5000 years.


Our collection reflects this abundance with a range of fresh whites, rosés and remarkable reds from every major winery in the country. The cellar features bottles dating as far back as World War II, including an impressive twenty consecutive vintages of the signature red blend by Chateau Ksara, the largest winery in Lebanon.


We hope you enjoy discovering Lebanese wines as much as we have. Please ask your server for our full wine menu. Vesak!